This short brief explores how abstraction can represent sound. There is a large spectrum on which abstract art can sit – at times it can be figurative like Carrie Moyer’s piece ‘Frieze’, which depicts four vaguely human figures joined together almost in a paper-chain fashion, overlayed with natural, earthy looking texture and colour which creates a sense of connectivity with the Earth.

carrei Moyer09_Frieze


Abstract art can also be more focussed on the experience and enegry felt by an artist, like a lot of Mark Rothko’s work which is very minimal and makes use of bold blocks of colour to create work which possessed its own life force.



A Tribe Called Quest’s album cover for The Low End Theory follows the colour scheme of the rest of the artwork for their work, using red and green on a black background to give a dark and slightly intimidating vibe although the music isn’t always of that nature. The human form is used here to effectively show enough of the figure to be recognised as human, but not so much as to reveal more descriptive features like the face, withholding a sense of mystery. I like the atmosphere created my this artwork and would like to draw from it to use in my final outcome for this project.



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