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Design Entries for Youngblood Hawke

Before this competition I’d never heard of the band, but I have now, they’re called Youngblood Hawke and they want some merchandise artwork done.

Here’s what I offered:

sub1 sub2 sub3

Tom Pearson

Tom Pearson is a Manchester born illustrator who deals with character design in his work and uses bold colours as well as a lot of black outlines in much of his 2D work. His use of simple and soft shapes gives his work an innocence which could be very useful in branding – I first saw his work in an issue of Computer Arts from 2010 and the piece ‘World of McDonald’s’ featured in which was a competition entry for McDonald’s and I was immediately drawn to the simple and bright icons used to create the piece, I think using this friendly style for the company could promote the company well. I like the busy look, using a large amount of small individual images to create a bigger picture gives the audience more to look at – I want to create work that can be looked at for ages, and the viewer will always spot something new in the piece.

World of McDonald's


I also like the idea of creating a computer background using repeating icons like ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ below, Pearson said he’s happy with the “controlled chaos” look, I think it works well and would look good as a computer background.

Good, Bad and Ugly


This was a piece he created for Armadillo Cases, a phone case producer, I like the play on the game character of Mario and the sweet look which could be said to contradict the idea of a ‘super graffiti kid’.

Super Graffiti Kid