Bits and Bobs

Here is a collection of work I’ve yet to upload, some of this work was used in my final outcome:


Erica Burns

Dolphin Beach

I discovered Erica Burns in ol’ faithful (Computer Arts magazine) and was immediately drawn in by the vibrant colours and thick black lines which create a very dense and vibrant image.  Her work has an Aboriginal or Native American look to it which matches the colourful nature of the piece. She says her style of work is ‘hallucinographic cartoon illustration’, which is closely related to my work through the psychedelic premise and overall theme. She’s produced a lot of commissioned work for a variety of clients such as Fenchurch, Aviva and the London Olympics. Burns says she feels more constricted by commissioned work, which comes as part of the job — having your creative flair being directed down a sometimes narrow path. Fortunately Burns has been able to retain her style in her commissioned pieces, I like her packaging design for Starbucks coffee cups in particular as it’s her most adapted work. It  looks least like the others as the dark green is used for most of the background as well as the outline, making it seem like the illustrations have no outline, however it’s still recognisable as her work which shows she has a unique and identifiable style.

Erica Burns Starbuck coffee cup 1

See more on her website.

Nitemare Hippy Girl

Following the same pattern as the work I created around the song ‘Girl’, here is the work I made based around the lyrics from Nitemare Hippy Girl.

Again, I created an illustration from a photograph, with some variations:


Here are the photos:



Here’s the song too (apologies for the random video, this was the only one without ads):