One More Banner

Another banner commissioned by Picturehouse at FACT, this one’s advertising The Book Thief, Only Lovers Left Alive and The Grand Budapest Hotel Have a look at them on Facebook.



More work for FACT

I’m enjoying making these banners – they’re keeping me fluent in Illustrator. This time it’s for The Armstrong Lie, Inside Llewyn Davis and The Wolf of Wall Street – again, see ’em here live on Facebook and Twitter


The Lawnmower Man

I watched The Lawnmower Man for the first time yesterday. My dad recommended it, and I chose to trust his judgement over IMDB and I was constantly deciding whether I liked the film or not throughout.
I think the themes in the film were approached well, but some of the acting made me realise I was watching a film… I don’t really like Pierce Brosnan as an actor. I also kept in mind that the film was made in 1992, so focusing on a relatively new subject like virtual reality with so little known about it in such a convincing and plausible way made the story of the film a lot more satisfying for me. The same goes for the animation and special effects, I can imagine seeing that for the first time to be ground-breaking stuff; some of the fast paced ‘brain training’ sequences were pretty trippy – I think I remembered some of my decaying GCSE knowledge during them.
Yeah so getting back to the main thing in the film – ‘mind over matter’ and the morality of the of the whole thing, the choice between human compassion and human/technological advance… I think this is an important film because of the questions it raises through the theme, as it was a new threat to people’s morality, which it still is now but in a much nearer and more graspable way (watch How to Build a Bionic Man on 4OD when it’s available).

So overall, a good film with an interesting story and SFX, partially ruined by Peirce Brosnan’s role of playing Pierce Brosnan (at one point he was getting shouted at by his girlfriend, said sorry about 8 times and ended up doing it with her). Plus there were some bits that made me laugh – that shouldn’t have, just some of the script and the acting.


Then I turned over to the TV and The Only Way is Essex was on and I got sad.