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Domination cloud the city

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Sir Ken Robinson and an Education Reformation

I’ve recently been watching a lot of RSA and TED Talks which focus on a variety of important economical, educational, psychological and philosophical subjects and matters. One man who has inspired me and drawn my interest is Sir Ken Robinson – he focuses on education and the changes that need to be made to the current system we have. He argues that the ‘more creative’ subjects should be taught just as much as Maths, Science and English (not that they’re not creative subjects themselves) and after listening to a few of his talks it’s hard to see why these changes haven’t been made, although I think it’s because of ‘change’ itself. For some reason our government is stubborn to change, even with good reasoning which shows that current methods aren’t working. Children grow to dislike school at about the same rate they are forced out of their creative subjects, which is no coincidence; they get bored by “low-level clerical work” – as Robinson puts it – which is pretty normal and should be expected of children. I don’t want to regurgitate everything Robinson has said in a less convincing manner, so please watch some of his talks:

Midway Critique

I think the latest group critique we did was very useful, as a class we have grown to talk more about ideas and progression of people’s projects rather than just how nice each other’s work so far is. I feel that explaining the journey my work has taken helped clarify things for me and has refreshed me on my own initial ideas. I have almost finished the final pieces I set out to do so this discussion with the group was conveniently timed — we bounced ideas off each other and a key point in my work was it having the ability to sell, to develop this it was suggested to put a QR code on the back of the comic books which — when scanned with a smartphone — would take the user to my blog. A more ambitious suggestion was to consider some more technology based media, using augmented reality so that when the picture of the planet’s profile was scanned through a smartphone it would animate and tell the user some facts about itself. Another way to further develop this project would be to look at merchandising, creating key rings, stickers, badges, plush toys, etc. and although I won’t be able to make a lot of these things, I will definitely look into what is possible within the timescale and budget — these additions would also add a lot to my exhibition space when scattered around. I plan on printing and selling a number of my comic books, although I know I won’t be making back most of the money spent on them, and there will be a master copy in the exhibition which won’t be for sale. Before this group critique I also wanted to create some extra-large scale illustrations to go on the walls in my exhibition space, and my peers thought this was a good and obvious next step. I really enjoy these group discussions and I like hearing about other people’s work sometimes spark more ideas for my own project.