Shameless Spam (Reblog 2/3)

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Domination cloud the city

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Television Rules the Nation

Creative thinking got no one nowhere…

TV rools the nayshun

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Sir Ken Robinson and an Education Reformation

I’ve recently been watching a lot of RSA and TED Talks which focus on a variety of important economical, educational, psychological and philosophical subjects and matters. One man who has inspired me and drawn my interest is Sir Ken Robinson – he focuses on education and the changes that need to be made to the current system we have. He argues that the ‘more creative’ subjects should be taught just as much as Maths, Science and English (not that they’re not creative subjects themselves) and after listening to a few of his talks it’s hard to see why these changes haven’t been made, although I think it’s because of ‘change’ itself. For some reason our government is stubborn to change, even with good reasoning which shows that current methods aren’t working. Children grow to dislike school at about the same rate they are forced out of their creative subjects, which is no coincidence; they get bored by “low-level clerical work” – as Robinson puts it – which is pretty normal and should be expected of children. I don’t want to regurgitate everything Robinson has said in a less convincing manner, so please watch some of his talks:

“Watching us from a one sided mirror”

Every now and then in a cartoon — typically in older Cartoon Network shows — there is a scene where someone goes off on a tangent, usually having a rant about an aspect of the world we live in today, but sometimes it’s something deeper. This clip from Adventure Time stuck with me as a good example of what I’m talking about, it shows Ice King talking about television:

I think these bits are important to cartoons, I’m guessing they went over my head when I was younger, but now I know what they’re talking about and I’m sure it catches some parents off guard every now and then when watching with their kids. These bits make cartoons like Adventure Time, Looney Tunes, etc special, it gives them another level to work on — hiding stuff for adults to look for. Adventure Time also brings up a lot of social and psychological subjects, like this tiny manticore’s inability to express real emotion:

I’ve got my Final Major Project to kick-start over the Easter holidays and I think working with cartoons is my best option.

Still awake

One thing that bugs me is when I lay down to go to sleep, and my consciousness won’t shut off – I begin to think of ideas for my work, scenarios, music to download, this post I’m writing now and eventually the fact that I can’t stop thinking… There’s this thing I’ve read about called Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, where – after coming down from hallucinogenic drugs, a person is constantly ‘interrupted’ by sensory stimuli, and can’t focus on anything or sleep. I’m sure it’s a lot more severe after taking some acid, but I just thought it was an interesting comparison.