Wizard Person

It looks like I took some inspiration from the Ice King of Adventure Time, I probably did.

I’ve realised (after 3 days) that a full-time job takes up a lot of time, a lot more than 2 1/2 days in college did, so I probably won’t get much real work (i.e. this stuff) done. I’ll have to keep in the groove though so it’ll be little stuff like this mostly. Hopefully some more design comps too. Don’t hesitate to ask about doing some work for you though, I can definitely make time for that!



More Good Stuff

I just got a real job (i.e. not freelance artwork) AND the sun is shining AND we’re having a BBQ and some beers to celebrate both occasions (sun is rare in England) AND I’ve just (properly) discovered Finley Quaye, after a friend showing me one song a while back.

The job is door to door charity work, asking for sponsors for almost any charity, and after training and an assessment I’ll be ready to pester anyone with a front door!

It is a good day.