I found WÖNKY in a Computer Arts magazine recently, it’s “an award-winning studio specialising in illustration and animation” based in Bristol. Their website states that they “work as a collective of creatives including illustrators, animators, musicians and writers to create content across a variety of media.”, their work focuses on character animation with an upbeat, humorous vibe, they have worked with a lot of major clients such as the BBC, Nokia, Adidas and more. The layout of the website emphasises the light and fun theme of the studio, and it’s visible that all of the team have the same ethos for their work — it’s bright, fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, even when dealing with a serious subject and putting across an important message, as portrayed in this outdoor project for Bristol Council when highlighting the effects of ketamine. From what I’ve seen so far, my favourite work by WÖNKY is ‘Toofs’, a social media campaign for Nokia’s (then) new range of Bluetooth headsets. The set of characters are quirky and cute, like something you might find in the bottom of a Weetos box (back when they were worth buying) or in a Kinder egg. Some of the characters are representations of the alter egos of some influential teenage bloggers. The look of the characters and the format of the campaign, along with the representations of some of the characters tell me that Nokia wanted to target a younger audience, however I don’t know of many teenagers who use Bluetooth headsets, so I’m unsure as to whether this project would’ve been as successful as Nokia would have hoped. I like WONKY’s in-house stuff too, the characters they use on their ‘How We Work’ page are simple and pleasant, and the animation illustrating the process of working with them shows how easy it is to do so.

Here’s the animation from their ‘How We Work ‘


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