Our New Electrical Morals


One of the newest additions to Cartoon Hangover’s library is Mike Rosenthal’s ‘Our New Electrical Morals’, although there’s only one episode out at the moment, it’s had a huge positive response. The cartoon is based on the life of Business Cat and Douglas, Business Cat is a profit-driven capitalist who has little concern for much apart from money. Douglas is his counter part, he’s more level-headed and keeps Business Cat from blowing babies up with murder-tanks, and things of that nature. I’m not quite sure what their business is as of yet. The show uses quirky (and some potty) humour, and Delta Blues Crooner has great comedy value, using a strong delta blues voice to sing about contrastingly trivial subjects like jelly-jam sandwiches and the duo’s lack of parenting skills.

What I was amazed by was the amount of content surrounding the actual cartoon, there is over 45 minutes of extra content based around the 5 minute short, including a half hour live chat between Rosenthal and the presenter of Cartoon Hangover, the animatic of the cartoon, behind-the-scenes with the voice actors and more. These videos have been a great help to me as I can see most of the 14 month journey Rosenthal has been on to create the cartoon with the Cartoon Hangover staff, and it makes the idea of developing my own work beyond college a lot more realistic.

Rosenthal started illustrating comic strips for his school’s newspaper, he later wrote a 30 minute pilot (which sounds to be completely different to ONEM) and sent it to one of the guys at Cartoon Hangover, who loved the idea but said they’re focusing on 5 minute internet shorts. Rosenthal then sent the storyboard for the first episode of ONEM to him and got a reply confirming that the show was going to be made. This is a great example of how the instantaneous world of today can kick-start someone’s career in a matter of weeks or months, another big factor which has been overcome by technology was Rosenthal’s remote involvement with the production of the show, he said  he would Skype the team over in Hollywood and was never out of the loop. This also shows how Cartoon Hangover focuses on working with new creative minds rather than a more profit driven production company who would typically take the idea and hand it over to their in-house writers and maybe never contact the creator again.


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