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Another one of Pendleton Ward’s successes is the YouTube based series Bravest Warriors. It follows a group of teenage heroes who were left to their own devices when their parents went missing. It has the same style as Adventure Time, using bright colours to match the enthusiastic characters and abstract setting — the writing, comedy and characters also have similarities to the Adventure Time. I think the writing plays a big part in this cartoon, as Adventure Time has accumulated a huge fan-base and I can imagine that a lot of them also watch Bravest Warriors, in fact it gets a lot of attention on the comments section of other shows from the same production company, Cartoon Hangover (whose parent company is Frederator, who produced Adventure Time, as you can see on my research map). This cult following has allowed Bravest Warriors to have a comic book series out (I’m gonna start collecting them as the 2nd series come out this month, this is a new level of geek for me) as well as t-shirt design competitions and a bunch of other fan art. This is another example of how a cartoon can become a franchise, as I’m sure there will be Bravest Warriors mugs, backpacks and plush toys available shortly as the second series is eagerly awaited.

The show also deals with some deeper stuff, like Beth’s horse who realised the meaning of the universe when they were six, and is forever in awe of infinity which I thought is relevant to my main character, after gaining his knowledge and wisdom. There are also some sub-plots like the awkward ‘will they won’t they’ between Beth and Chris, and there’s a major cliff-hanger which you can see in the last episode of the first series, with Beth’s horse in too:


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