Andy Jones of Hugh Baird college in Liverpool (which is far closer than the one I’m currently attending) came to our class today to speak with the graphic designers, illustrators and photographers about a Graphic Arts, BA course their college is starting this September, although I’m set for uni the course sounded very interesting. Andy spoke about how he plans to (and already does with his BTEC Foundation students) integrate real world briefs into projects, giving students a taste of what their future career will be like — the university I’ve chosen (The University of Northampton) also do this — last year they created a 30ft mural for the Coca Cola factory nearby — however in Hugh Baird, Andy said the students are delegated the specific roles of a design house each day/week to be able to experience a variety of work methods, as well as giving them opportunity to build managerial and business skills, which is an essential part of going into business, funnily enough. We were also shown some of the books the student shad produced as well as the new media they were experimenting with which included augmented reality, where the user would scan a specific poster with their smartphone and something would happen on screen whether it be an animation or someone green-screened in over the poster. Andy also mentioned some networking opportunities around Liverpool including Kin which is a website connecting Liverpool’s creative minds by organising meet-ups in cafes, pubs etc where people go and network, it’s something I’ll definitely look into. He said that having a blog or website of some sort was essential as people can then see your work almost whenever and wherever, so it’s good to know I’m on the right track.


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