Mark Making and Colour

In class yesterday, we were asked to think of some objects relative to our theme to bring in and draw from, and it was suggested in the group critique we had that I could draw people at work in the class (which meant no homework for me!). I wanted to experiment with expressive mark making and the use of colour, I began with fineliner which washed out when I added water to spread the felt tip it was coloured with, so I used pencil for the others. I like the delicate and limited use of colour in the first three pieces, it works well with the fluid use of line. I used complimentary colours which again, went with the soft, light look of the pieces. I used felt tips and procion dye sparingly and spread the colour with a damp brush. I think the last one is my weakest, I applied brusho ink with a heavier use of line and I haven’t used brusho ink much, although I’m happy with them all and enjoyed a less refined approach.

The colours aren’t as true as they should be as you can tell by the yellowed paper, I’ll have to sort my scanner out…


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