Tom & Jerry

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Once a staple part of any kid’s TV diet, Tom & Jerry is a show that has lasted through generations. It was created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, of Hanna Barbera who later produced a lot of stuff for Cartoon Network. Tom & Jerry has been passed back and forth from a number of production companies and directors, after MGM decided they had made enough money from it, and were still making money from rereleased episodes, they closed their cartoon studio which pushed Hanna and Barbera to found their own animation studio in 1957.

hanna barbera

I think one of the reasons it’s lasted is because of the simple and common premise which can have a variety of plots all having the same outcome, we’re not watching to see if  Jerry gets away, but  how. I want to keep this simplicity when creating my own cartoon. There’s also no real development of the characters — both Tom and Jerry try to be a lady’s man (when there’s one about), and there’s a charm to the comedy which helps the characters grow on us rather than being more involved with their lives, like you would with some other cartoons. This is an example of how a good idea with the right creative input can go a long way, decades in fact. There have been a number of feature films of the duo and a comic book started 2 years after the show.


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