Initial Ideas

I want to do some character design for this project, as well as looking at the surrounding areas like the back story, some story-lines which may be in the form of comic strips again, any illustrative work similar to some of the fan art created for cartoons, character profiles and anything else I think could be interesting to add.

I’ve brainstormed some ideas and created a character who has developed quickly and easily – he’s a human type being who levitates and has a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom with which he will go on to save the day and solve some trivial problems in a world far away from earth, full of saturated colours and other strange creatures. The closest cartoon I can relate it to would be Adventure Time, however I don’t see my protagonist being as heroic as Finn, this guy’s pretty chilled out. I’ll leave it there for now…

tumblr_mel6mxTPkV1rkbfr2o1_500Said action hero in action

Today in college we had a group critique where all of our ideas were pitched and we discussed the possible next steps for everyone. I always find these helpful, as I can sometimes get so into a subject that I’m unable to take a step back to look at any other options for my work. It was suggested that I draw some people from the class as cartoon characters basing the characters from their personalities rather than focusing on distinctive physical features, which I’m looking forward to. Tomorrow we’re having a day of drawing, we were asked to bring in objects which relate to our theme and I struggled to think of anything until someone suggested drawing people in the class which I was happy with, I want to explore some loose mark making and the use of colour.


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