“Watching us from a one sided mirror”

Every now and then in a cartoon — typically in older Cartoon Network shows — there is a scene where someone goes off on a tangent, usually having a rant about an aspect of the world we live in today, but sometimes it’s something deeper. This clip from Adventure Time stuck with me as a good example of what I’m talking about, it shows Ice King talking about television:

I think these bits are important to cartoons, I’m guessing they went over my head when I was younger, but now I know what they’re talking about and I’m sure it catches some parents off guard every now and then when watching with their kids. These bits make cartoons like Adventure Time, Looney Tunes, etc special, it gives them another level to work on — hiding stuff for adults to look for. Adventure Time also brings up a lot of social and psychological subjects, like this tiny manticore’s inability to express real emotion:

I’ve got my Final Major Project to kick-start over the Easter holidays and I think working with cartoons is my best option.


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