Sound Shapes

I found this game a couple of days ago when I was looking for stuff Beck has produced. It’s a platform game called Sound Shapes, and the aim is to roll and jump your way to the finish point using the shapes in the environment and avoiding any red objects. The signature feature of the game is the soundtrack, each level has its own music produced by top artists, including three by Beck — as the player moves through the game the music corresponds to each screen and builds and drops accordingly, making onomatopoeic platforms to jump across and enemy missiles that dart to the baseline. The whole thing is a neat bit of design — the semi-geometric shapes and various themes work well to create a naive engineering atmosphere… It reminds me of playing with my K’Nex set.

Beck’s song ‘Cities’ won ‘Best Song in a Game’ in the Video Games Awards, this is just another avenue in which Beck has explored and achieved.


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