Video Ideas

I think the idea of using of real-life film with animation overlaid is good, and I can imagine the outcome to go well with the unusual sounds of Beck’s music. I will use part of one of Beck’s songs — one which paints a picture or tells a story. From the list mentioned in the last post about this project, I think Sleeping Bag could work, although the lyrics are abstract, I get the sense that Beck wants to be able to enjoy the present moment, after all, “Tomorrow is another crazy scam”.


I also had some good ideas for what could be done with the lyrics from Painted Eyelids. Again they’re very abstract, but he seems to be stranded in the ‘ugly part of town’, describing various elements of it; the glowing sewer drains, blocked off roads etc. In the last verse he moves on to talk about a subject (I’m going to assume it’s a girl) who is “the clearest dream that ever passed [him] by”. This song seems to have a natural flow in the scenery he’s talking about and the mellow, slow tempo of the song would go well with a slow camera pan across the derelict scene. Both of these songs are from the album One Foot in the Grave which was released on an independent record label and never charted. The folk genre runs through the whole album and shows Beck’s versatility, he gives an overwhelming sense of apathetic angst and depression in many songs.


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